Australian Pearls


Australian South Sea Pearls are mainly produced off the North West coast of Australia around the Broome area. These magnificent large cultured pearls are grown in large oysters called Pinctada Maxima. They are perhaps the largest pearls of all, starting at around the 9-10mm mark and have been known to grow over 20mm, though any pearl 16mm or above is considered very large, rare and very valuable.

These pearls are found in a variety of colours including White, White Rose, Silver, Silver Rose, Gold and White Gold (or Champagne). They also come in different shapes such as Round, Drop, Button, Circle, Semi-Baroque and Baroque

The White Rose is considered the most valuable colour followed closely be Silver Rose. However the intense Gold colour pearls have been known to sell for prices not much less than the White Rose and the Silver Rose colours. Also the perfectly round pearls are the most valuable of all pearls, however high quality Baroques have been known to fetch high prices as well.

There are three other virtues to consider when buying pearls. After deciding on the shape and colour of your pearls then consider the following:

Step One

Size- Generally starting at 9mm-16mm can go beyond 20mm. Decide what size suits you best and what is within your price range.

Step Two

Lustre- this refers to how light reflects from the pearls surface and how it seems to glow from within. Generally categorized as “Exceptional”, “Fine” or “Dull”. The greater the luster, the rarer the pearl and hence the more valuable.

Step Three

Surface- As these pearls are grown in a wild oyster in the ocean, it is inevitable that nature will always leave its mark. Blemishes on the surface of the pearls are a stamp of nature and very common on these pearls. However the fewer the blemishes the more valuable the pearl.

Always remember to purchase your pearls through a reputable retailer who guarantees their pearls. There are some good imitation pearls on the market, so if the price is too good to be true, it usually is.

After purchasing your pearls, remember to always take extra care, as they require special treatment. Click here to learn how to take care of your pearls.