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We carry a vast range of Blue Sapphire Jewellery. They are exquisitely designed in 18k white gold or platinum settings. We carry Ceylon Sapphire Rings, Ceylon Sapphire Pendants, and Ceylon Sapphire earrings. You can also find beautiful Australia apphires rings as well as African Sapphire rings.

We are one of the leading Gemstones Jewelry Store in Sydney, Australia. You can also find a large collection of Aquamarine Jewellery at Cosmopolitan Jewellers in Sydney.

We have tastefully designed 18k gold Aquamarine rings, Aquamarine pendants and Aquamarine earrings. We also have a vast collection of Colour Gemstone Jewellery, including Emeralds, Rubies, Green Tourmalines, Citrine and Amethysts.