Jewellery Care


Even though they are the hardest substance known to man, diamonds can still be chipped by a strong blow to its edges or corners. It is advised that you do not wear diamonds(rings) whilst doing household chores or physical labour.

We highly recommend that you have your diamond jewellery inspected by a reputable jeweller every 6-12 months depending on how often your wear them. Your jeweller can check the settings to ensure that the diamonds are held securely in place and conduct ultrasonic cleaning to your jewellery.

At home you may soak your diamonds in an ammonia based household cleaner overnight, and then brush it with a soft brush and soak it in a bowl of water.(Not under the sink).


Take extra care with opals in comparison to your diamonds. Opals are softer than diamonds and as a result a strong blow can chip, crack or break your opal. Avoid ultrasonic cleaning, cosmetics, perfumes and chemicals. Just wipe down with a warm, moist soft cloth from time to time, and have your jeweller inspect the

settings from time to time. Avoid sudden temprature changes and extended direct heat.


Have your strand restrung and cleaned annually by a reputable jeweller. Do not have them come in contact with your hairspray, cosmetics, perfumes etc. Put on your make up, perfume etc on first and then wear your pearls, and after use, wipe them down with a soft non-abrasive cloth. Avoid sudden temperature changes, household chemicals and ultrasonic cleaning.


Wipe down with a soft cloth regularly. Have your jeweller polish and clean your gold/platinum jewellery annually. You may use a jewellery cleaner at home or soak in warm soapy water and wipe down with a soft cloth.